Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Still no reply from my Spin-to-Knit exchange pal. I emailed her almost two weeks ago! Annie tells me she hasn't heard from hers either and even though she emailed the head dudes she still hasn't heard...from either one! How Rude! Oh well, I'm not sending her the yarn I've spent SO much time on until she at least acknowledges that she's received my email. I know it's kind of harsh, especially coming from someone who just wants to wrap the world in wool but...c'mon, we had the option to quit and obviously she confirmed. Denise...if you're out there......drop me a line! Oh, and I'll be posting some pictures from my October trip to Hilton Head and Savannah in a few days(really whenever I can.) There are dolphins involved and a GLORIOUS sunset that makes me SO glad I paid attention during composition class!


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Sharon Rose said...

I agree! Sock Wars has taught me that not everybody plays by the rules. :) Hold out until you know s/he's for real. I got some amazing superbulky from my pal. Will start spinning my surprise tomorrow when Matt goesw out of town.