Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Tonight I Knit

Yes. Tonight I will knit. Having not knitted more than a row or two in the last week and a half is taking it's toll on me. I cannot lift heavy books to study tonight as Dr. Ratcliff dx me with Bicipital Tendonitis this afternoon and I'm on lifting restrictions for the next week. He said if I'm not better after a week of not lifting, sleeping on my back, and taking Mobic twice a day, I have to have a cortisone injection. Ouch! NO WAY! So I will knit. I'll take any excuse these days to knit. Since my time is limited I only get to spin a little and knit a little. No way I'm gonna finish Chris' sweater by Saturday. Maybe by the end of the month...... Oh well. Tonight I will finish the second sock in my pair of Trekking socks. I will wear them tomorrow as it is finally cold enough for me to have NO excuse NOT to wear LOTS and LOTS of wool!

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